Renovated and Refurbished Agas

Renovated & Refurbished AGAs

The famous name of AGA sells itself with over sixty years of service worldwide, used in kitchens throughout England, from Stately homes to country cottages. Offering two large ovens, one roast, one simmer and two large hot plates, its ability and versatility is renowned. We renovate AGAs dating back to 1950.

They are known as the STD C or Traditional and can be built to run on oil or gas. Having been originally run on solid fuel, they would be converted, but we will guarantee that the performance of our STD C will match a Purpose Built cooker by replacing the ash pit and hotspots, then installing the best GAS or OIL unit on the market. Another model we renovate is commonly known as the Deluxe, either the G.C. or O.C. models. It’s easy to recognise because of it’s chrome lids and it has a curved top. Both available in either 2 or 4 oven models.

We’re able to supply solid fuel, gas, oil and electric Agas, please call 01452 849 471 or text/WhatsApp 07932 763 168 for our curent prices.


All our prices include VAT.

Renovated AGA Prices

Our Aga’s are fully renovated and purpose-built.  They can be finished in your choice of colour and with chrome lids.

  • 2 oven gas or oil-fired renovated Aga (conventional flue) £3300
  • 4 oven gas or oil-fired renovated Aga (conventional flue) £4500
  • 2 oven gas-fired renovated Aga (balanced flue) £3500
  • 4 oven gas-fired renovated Aga (balanced flue) £4600

Fitting and delivery by pallet (UK-wide) by quotation.


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