Renovation for Rayburns & AGAs

Renovation for Rayburns & AGAs

We can renovate your Aga or Rayburn whatever its condition, including collection/removal and re-installation.

We are able to supply our cookers in your choice of any of the Aga colour range.


All our cookers are finished in best quality vitreous enamel to British Standard EN ISO 9001:2000, with all parts such as chrome fittings, alloys, liners, thermometers, gas and oil parts being replaced. All internal casts are shot blasted back to clean bare cast giving an all new appearance.


All flues must be compliant with current building regulations. Please remember if a cooker is connected to the incorrect flue it will not operate correctly and at the worst can can be extremely dangerous.

Installation service

We can deliver to the same property or relocate to a new location if you are moving address. We can also re-enamel your existing Aga or Rayburn to fit in with the colour scheme of your new kitchen.


Reconditioned Rayburn & AGAs

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